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Gaspard Philibert

21 years old

Student - Freelancer

I build showcase websites

I build e-commerce websites

I build your next project ?

I am Gaspard Philibert, I am 21 years old and I am learning cybersecurity and IT at INSA Centre Val de Loire. I have always been interested in new technologies, especially web ones. I have created dozens of website since 2009. I love developping WordPress websites but I am not limited not it.

I build showcase or e-commerce websites using last technologies. I design bespoke and responsive interfaces which looks great and match your visual identity. I use to pay too much attention to the design of your site. Besides, I make sure you get an easy-to-administrate website so you won’t need me to update its content.



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HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JS, SQL, WordPress, Django, Symfony, NodeJS, Express

Other languages

Python, C, C++ (with Qt), Java, Swift (beginner)

Graphic design

Logos, banners, posters and other printed materials


Linux server administration (mainly web deployment : stack AMP + nginx), Docker (create and use simple containers)

Developper tools

Git, Composer, NPM, Jetbrain’s IDE


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